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Admin & Leadership


Admin and Leadership at Gilson College Taylors Hill

Gilson College staff are committed to the growth and development of your children. Our staff are available and willing to discuss your child's educational progress to achieve the best outcome.

Farquharson Leonard WEB KS

Leonard Farquharson

Head of Campus

Send Email leonard.farquharson@gilson.vic.edu.au
Kavur Jenny 2022

Jenny Kavur

Head of Secondary

Send Email jenny.kavur@gilson.vic.edu.au
Egyed Peter WEB KS

Peter Egyed

Assistant to Head of Secondary

Send Email peter.egyed@gilson.vic.edu.au
Thomas Natalie 2021

Natalie Thomas

Head of Primary

Send Email natalie.thomas@gilson.vic.edu.au
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Lepeta Tuaoi

Assistant to Head of Primary

Send Email lepeta.tuaoi@gilson.vic.edu.au
Hafiz Titilia 2022

Titilia Hafiz

Business Manager

Send Email titilia.hafiz@gilson.vic.edu.au
Kukolja Mladen WEB KS

Mladen Kukolja

IT Manager / Transport Manager

Send Email mladen.kukolja@gilson.vic.edu.au
108367 Gluvakog Clara WEB KS

Clara Gluvakov

Enrolments Coordinator

Send Email clara.gluvakov@gilson.vic.edu.au
Pita Gloria 2020

Gloria Pita

Student Receptionist

Send Email gloria.pita@gilson.vic.edu.au
Farias Elizabeth 2021

Elizabeth Farias

OSHC Coordinator

Send Email oshc@gilson.vic.edu.au
Ippolito Isabell 2020

Isabell Ippolito

OSHC Coordinator

Send Email isabell.ippolito@gilson.vic.edu.au

Petesa Suisuiki

Children's Centre Director

Send Email petesa.suisuiki@gilson.vic.edu.au
Said Sarah 2022

Sarah Said

Children Centre Bursar

Send Email sarah.said@gilson.vic.edu.au