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my* mission

Brighter Future

What is my* mission?

my*mission is an international development organisation based in Australia. We raise funds and work with our international partners on a variety of humanitarian projects that are designed to alleviate poverty and build a brighter future for people in south-east Asia.

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Our focus

The main focus for my*mission is the raising of funds to provide teachers to remote village environments. In addition to this, my*mission supports two orphanages: Hope and Peace, as well as providing wells, water tanks and water closets.

Each year staff and students from Gilson College go on a short-term mission trip. Students visit the orphanages and other projects as well as spending time embedded in a local school where they assist in teaching English to local students.

This all takes place with a non-political approach to all mission work and projects undertaken in south-east Asia.


my*mission supports two orphanages in south-east Asia – Hope and Peace. Each of the orphanages has over 100 orphans or children that have been either dumped, deserted or had parents who have died.

Wells and Water Closets

my*mission also funds wells and water tanks and essentially this provides people with one of the most basic necessities of life – good clean drinking water. We also help to sponsor toilets in village locations because it is well understood that the proper hygiene is critical to maintaining the good health of the locals.

Teacher Sponsorship

my*mission operates a teacher sponsorship program for the purpose of funding Christian teachers in village environments in south-east Asia. Although the program began as venture on the side, this element of our work has grown to be one of the main elements of our work. This is due to the fact that we see a significant positive impact as a result of effort and money being directed towards this part of our overall program.