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Message from the Deputy Principal

A Message from Leonard Farquharson

Do you want to raise intelligent children? Jackie French says, “If you want intelligent children, give them a book. If you want more intelligent children, give them more books.”

Do you want to raise resilient children? According to Richard Louv in his best selling classic, “Last Child in the Woods – Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder,” regularly being out in the wilderness, out in the blue and green, will dramatically improve all areas of human brain activity.

Do you want to raise children who are happy and have a very strong sense of positive well-being? If you Google, “The importance of Families Doing Things Together,” you will find a large volume of quality articles around this topic and many very useful ideas and links. Bruce Feiler in his book, “The Secrets of Happy Families”, points to the body of research which identifies the greatest predictor of an individual’s well-being, and that is, your knowledge and understanding of your family’s history!

Do you want to raise children who have a deep sense of their purpose and meaning in life? All staff at Gilson College would agree that this is best achieved by introducing them to our Creator and our Saviour, the Living and Loving God found in the pages of the Bible.

Leonard Farquharson

Deputy Principal